What is your return policy?

We take returns seriously and want to make sure we are acting responsibly by addressing your personal sleep needs and also any environmental impact a return may have. As a practical matter, we ask that you sleep on your LUXI mattress for a minimum of 30 nights to get a real sense of how it feels. But, the bottom line is if at any time in the first 100 nights you just don't like the way you are sleeping, contact our Sleep Experience Team and let us know what's going on at (888) 813-2944.

A customer service representative with be in contact with you within 24 hours to start your return approval process. Once approved we will assist you in finding a 501c3 non-profit charity to pick up your mattress. Once the mattress is donated and we have the proper documentation associated with the return we will refund the purchase price net any discounts or the value of any promotional items.  

Many folks who are managing acute or long-term medical issues that affect their ability to achieve adequate comfort and good sleep, have found LUXI to be a great mattress.  But LUXI is not a medical device nor do we make any claims that it will produce any specific medical result.  

Our Responsible Purchasing Guidelines provide that should the LUXI mattress fail to provide medical benefits for medical patients, that this does not in any way provide a basis for a mattress return.  Customers looking for specific medical results need to contact their physician or chiropractor who may be able to prescribe a specific requirement.  In that event, we will work with to produce a custom mattress for you that addresses your issues and if the customer mattress provided fails to provide you with relief then we will fully honor or trial period.



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