What are the Luxi foam specs?

The cover:

3/4 inch Quilt Loft – Quilt Foam and 1oz. Fire Resistant Fiber Fill

The Interior:

3 1/2 inch SBT Layer - A proprietary 4 lb. Density foam architecture that offers air flow and resists sagging and body impressions.

1 inch Memory Foam Layer – 4 lb. Density Visco Elastic Foam

1 1/2 inch LuxiTex Layer - 4 lb. Dunlop Process, 100% LuxiTex

3 1/2 inch Foam Base Layer – 2 lb. High Density Support Foam  

Total Thickness - 10 1/4 inch

The three SBT, Memory Foam and LuxiTex layers are wrapped in a interior cover fabric to enhance durability and the ease of flipping it adjust the mattress “feel”.

These materials allow us to deliver one mattress with three different “feels”: Soft, Medium and Firm.  All you have to do is unzip it, and flip it to change the way it feels and love it.

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