Organic? Hypoallergenic?

LUXI Contains no PBDEs or formaldehyde.

The foams are (true for all mattress foams) petrochemical based. However, our foams are also made from formulations (the most modern specialty pour formulations from companies such as DOW, Mobay and Chargile) that contain some agricultural components. This essentially replaces some of the petroleum based materials with vegetable oils. These "plant based formulations” are used in all layers of the construction. Technically speaking, all of the foams are polyurethane chemistry based but there is no PVC. The LuxiTex layer is a blend of polyurethane and natural LuxiTex that is derived from the sap of a tree. (P) All LUXI raw materials are from a class of raw materials (the conventional foam, memory foam and LuxiTex) that is state of the art in terms of being “agriculturally considerate”. There are no other materials available anywhere that could be substituted into the build of the LUXI mattress that would be considered more “Plant Based”. However, that does not make the material edible and we have no knowledge about casein proteins being present. The suggestion is that someone along the line has confused the truth about having a part of the chemistry being "Plant Based” and that that would have any other benefit (nutritionally) than displacing some of the petro-based material. (P) Bottom line. All raw materials involved in the construction of a LUXI Mattress have been chosen to be from the most current material innovations and (both the foam and LuxiTex components) are essentially inert and odor free.

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