SBT Durability, Support and Buckling

PODS DURABILITY: This foam is made of a very durable foam and through our testing we have had no problems.There is both horizontal and lateral movement in the pods. This method of using pods and breaking up the surface is actually more durable than just a block of foam. It creates a soft feel or sensation and when weight is applied the bottom of the T shape actually becomes stronger and therefore prevents hammocking in the mattress. This is where the real engineering & design work come into play.

BUCKLING: The buckling columns (or the Pods) act as coils. So you get the same benefit as a spring but you just get better technology with the SBT for support and body alignment

EDGE SUPPORT: The SBT element ends up delivering a degree of edge support unlike most memory foam mattresses. When you sit on the edge of the Luxi the buckling column collapses under your seat, away from the edge about four inches, so you sink back instead of forward. Care has also been taken to insure that no matter what the mattress size, that the SBT layer always has a row of the supportive pedestals right at the edge of the mattress, whether it’s a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, or California king. They have done a good job with the computer modeling to get each size just right at the edge.

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